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How Divorce Drove Me to Politics

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Growing up in a house with one very liberal parent and one very conservative parent was interesting, to say the least. Dinner-time conversations were compilations of my dad reminding me “everyone can pick himself up by his bootstraps” and my mother refuting his claims with her classic line, “some people need help and cannot pick themselves up.” I believe both of their ideologies came from places of love, but that communion wasn’t enough to keep the peace. This rhetoric, and other issues, eventually tore my family apart.

Reflecting on my parents’ fighting and eventual divorce, I thought I understood both sides of their arguments and articulated their feelings better than they could. So, rather than fixating on post-divorce devastation, I decided to turn the skills I developed from mediating their conversations into a career.

So, maybe I should credit my parents' split for more than just having two Christmases?

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